Monday, December 15, 2008

Whitney and Michael's Wedding 12/13/08

Saturday was one of those cold yet sunny December days that turned out to be quite beautiful. Whitney and Michael had such an amazing wedding day. I really think every single person had a great time! The bridal party braved the cold and we managed to get some pictures outside that turned out so very nice.

Once again, Pam (her name is a link to her blog with more pictures from this wedding) assisted me and we managed to take quite a few pictures. Having a packed dance floor all night led to some really fun shots!

Below is a video of a few of the day's pictures. Whitney and Michael, congratulations and best wishes to you and to little Ben!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jaimie and Justin 11-29-08

The last of my second shooting jobs of 2008 was Jaimie and Justin's wedding. I have two more weddings to do this year, but they are both mine as primary shooter. I am looking forward to them, but I did enjoy Jaimie and Justin's wedding so much. They were married in a church in New Brighton which I was told by Pam (click her name as a link to her blog) will be the last wedding ever at this church. They are selling it. Hard to believe with all of the great hardwood in it and massive sliding doors in the back of the tall as the sanctuary. They were impressive as were the beautiful windows. It was a gorgeous church for them to be married in!

What can I say about the reception? It was so much fun. The dance floor was packed all night. Well, except when the ring bearer had the floor to himself and was later joined by one of the groomsmen. This solo dance by the ring bearer was a request from the bride and groom since this little guy could do the "Soulja Boy" dance quite well. He and the groomsman, who joined him towards the end of the song, did a nice job entertaining the crowd.

You'll see a couple pictures of that and a lot more below in the video of some of the pictures I took last Saturday. Jaimie and Justin, I wish you only the best as you begin your life as a married couple. Congratulations!

Liz and Erich 11-8-08

Yes, you read the date correctly. I am way behind in posting this one. It has been a very busy fall and it kind of caught up with me and I have been and continue to battle some nasty cold viruses. Keep in mind, I never get sick like I am having a otugh time dealing with it. Anyway, enough of that...let me turn the focus to this lovely couple...

Liz and Erich met at Pitt and decided to have their wedding and reception in Oakland. The beautiful St. Paul Cathedral was the site of their wedding that I had the opportunity to second shoot for Pam. (Click on her name to see more of their wedding.) As I've said before on this blog, I really enjoy second shooting since all of the pressure of the day isn't on my shoulders. Don't get me wrong, I love to be the primary photographer too, but it is a nice change to have someone else take the lead every so often. ;-)

The reception was held at Soldiers and Sailors on a chilly evening. I think Pam and I managed to cover the day! Below are a sampling of some of the pictures I took that day.

Liz and Erich, I wish you both the very best...Congratulations!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lyndsey and Samuel 11-1-08

On November 1, I had the opportunity to second shoot a wedding for Pam. I enjoy second shooting weddings. Pam and I often hire one another to shoot weddings together and we work really hard to cover the whole day.:-)

Below is a video of some of the shots I took at Lyndsey and Samuel's wedding. They ended up having a beautiful day for their wedding. They also had quite a great group of friends in their bridal party to share their day! I caught them in quite a few fun moments getting ready, on the ride to the church and of course on the dance floor!

Congratulations, Lyndsey and Samuel!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lauren and Matt's e-session

Lauren and Matt met me about a week ago now at the old log cabin museum here in town to take their engagement pictures. We took this opportunity for the pictures while they were here visiting Lauren's family. I have known Lauren for some time, but this was my first chance to meet her fiancé Matt. These two just seem to click, as the old saying goes, and I am sure that they have a wonderful life as a couple ahead of them!

We met on a Sunday in the mid-morning, so the lighting was really different for me this time. I think I like working in that light, but I know I liked working with this couple. I always want the couple to be comfortable in how they are sitting and talking or posing. I hope that you two felt that you were comfortable. I also believe I caught quite a few nice smiles in these pics.

I am looking forward to your wedding next May, Lauren and Matt! This is just a little slide show of the pictures and I will be sending you a link to your gallery as soon as it is ready!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Amy and Joel-- e-session

Amy and Joel met me last Thursday to take some engagement pictures. Anyone who checks my blog might realize that this is quite a lull in between taking the pictures and getting the video on the blog. Unfortunately, I have had a very nasty cold that has zapped my energy! I seriously haven't had a cold like this one...ever! None-the-less, I am starting to feel a little better and got this session ready for the blog! Thanks for your patience, Amy and Joel!

Joel is a very talented musician who happens to be located in Pittsburgh by way of London! Amy sent me a few of his songs so I could use one for their video and maybe for a few seniors. Check out more about Joel and his music at his website-- His lovely fiancé happens to be someone I am pleased to say that I have known for some time. I am so happy for both of you!

I hope you two like this little video. I will be sending you info on your gallery links very soon! I am looking forward to your February wedding, and I am also looking forward to seeing you both very soon at one of Joel's shows.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Eva and Jason--October 31, 2008

Eva and Jason...It seems like just yesterday I was meeting you both and Eva's mom at Panera Bread to discuss your wedding photography. Now, the big day is complete and it was a blast! I loved the little details you added to bring the Halloween theme to the wedding. The little skills with the flickering candles, which we used for a ring picture that I am anxious for you to see, and the Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein busts at the head table were just a couple of the small details. Your skull fabric on your garter was another! So creative. I think everyone had a great time this Halloween. What a party!

Below is a little video from the slide show and a few other pictures. I hope you enjoy this.

Congratulations, Eva and Jason! You are such a super sweet couple that I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet!!!

A more traditional ring shot with Shawn's super cool macro lens.

A non-traditional ring shot with Shawn's super cool macro lens.:-)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mike's Senior Pictures

Finally! I was having a tough time with the video rendering this time. Anyway, here it is! Mike arrived and we were off and running getting quite a few pictures trying to beat the sunset. I think we managed to get quite a few, I'm happy to say. This video is a little preview of some of the pictures.

Mike, check the gallery using the directions I gave to your mom in the next few days to see these and a few more. It was great working with you and then rushing over to the rally at the high school! Busy and fun...I hope you like them!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Megan and Brad--e-session

Oh my...this will be a fun wedding! Megan and Brad are so sweet...Brad can be a bit mischievous. :-) These two seem to have so much fun!

These two arrived for their e-session as my brother also arrived to dig some big holes in my front yard for my new trees that are to be planted this week. They got to see us squabble over the placement of those trees, but they were patient with me! Thanks for that, Megan and Brad!

I love doing these e-sessions. This was was in full sun, which made me hunt out that beautiful filtered light. We found some great places. The waterfall area was gorgeous with autumn leaves just everywhere. Megan was willing to jump from area to area in those pretty heels she was wearing. Brave! Brad was there for her to assist. They are such a great couple and did not take much prompting to relax and talk and kiss while I just took the pictures and moved them form location to location.

I hope you like these!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wesley and Katelyn--October 18, 2008

Another fun day! The weather was gorgeous and the leaves are turning orange and yellow and red...just beautiful. Katelyn and Wesley wanted to take pictures in Brady's Run Park and liked the spot by the lake. It was a perfect spot with tons of leaves that had already fallen. As a bonus, we spotted the cattails off in the distance. Just a perfect location for some really beautiful pictures! To see some of the ones Pam took too, take this link.

Wes and Kate, enjoy your honeymoon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Leanne and Jeremy

Wow...I am so lucky to be able to work with such amazing couples! Leeanne and Jeremy are just too cute. They did not require much prompting to act naturally in front of the camera! They were even willing to play in the water feature by PNC Park. We met on the North Shore for their e-session and I just kept finding more and more places I wanted to take their pictures! By the way, when you check out these pictures, check out their eyes...they are just so pretty...both Leeanne's and Jeremy's! I could play with your pictures for way too long, guys!

As everyone reading this blog can see, this has been an incredibly busy fall for me. However, I am not complaining. I have the opportunity to work with some really great couples and other photographers and do something that I really love! Leeanne and Jeremy, I can't wait for you to see all of the pics when I get them uploaded to your gallery! In the meantime, you have this little video and a few I pulled out for you. I hope you like them!

Kristen and David--10/11/08

I was the second shooter for Saturday's wedding. One again, I was working with Pam (click on her name to go to her blog).Kristen and David were so much fun to work with...they like pictures and were willing to get some really creative shots.

My new plan for second shooting is to basically put together a video using for the couple. Some of these pictures may not make Pam's final cut for the gallery, but they are good for the video! I had such a great time capturing these moments from your day! I hope you enjoy it.

Congratulations, Kristen and David!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nicholas' Senior Pictures

I am off to a wedding, but I wanted to at least get this video up for you! I will revise this blog tonight and add a couple of still shots.

I had fun shooting these yesterday!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Julie and Bill's Wedding 10/4/08

Another fun day! Bill and Julie are just so comfortable and happy with one another...and their families are quite fun too. Snapping pictures and posing for us and just enjoying in general was the way of the day! The couple's e-session is in the July 2008 blog section where I shared a little more about them. They are a great couple!

Shawn Rodger's came along to help with this one and it was great to work with him again. He photographed Dave and Tara's wedding with me this past May. He really is fun to work with and he has a great way with people with lots of creative photo ideas. Check out his work by clicking this link or this one.

Thank you, Bill and Julie, for a great day!

Here is a little video with some of the pictures form the slide show shown at the reception plus a bunch more... so many to choose from for this!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Jessica and Derek's Wedding

Jess and Derek...what can I say?!?!? I knew when I met them a few months ago to do their engagement pictures that this was going to be a wedding with a few surprising twists...and I hadn't even met Derek's fun and adventurous groomsmen yet! I have to say that I think the whole bridal party knows how to have so much fun!

As a bonus to all of the craziness and fun, Jess and Derek allowed time for Pam and me to get these very cool and fun shots. (Click on Pam's name in that last sentence to take you to her blog for some more pictures!) Thanks for going along, Pam! As always, it is great to work with you. :-)

On a side note...I can not get these images any larger on this site. I am in the process of checking out another that does allow me to make the images larger without having to click on they deserve to be!

Anyway, two shots in particular that Jess wanted and one that Derek wanted are in the following video. Some of the pictures are pulled out below the video with some further explanation.

Thank you Jess and Derek for the opportunity to spend such a special day with you both!

Jessica was getting the back of her dressed laced up when I took this one...

The bubble send off with the wedding party behind sweet!

Getting ready to take some fun group shots and some of just the bride and groom.

These two were high school sweethearts, so why not use the steps of their alma mater?

Jess wanted this one in particular. She called it a "Marilyn Monroe" shot since there is one of the movie star in a similar pose. I call it the "Heather" shot since she is the one who had one similar to it on her blog. She is another local photographer and is absolutely amazing! I really do love this one.

OK...this is not one I would normally put on my blog, but this was a special request of the groom and groomsmen. Besides, Pam dared me to put it on here. ;-)

This is the other special request from Jessica. There are several more of this in the video with each of the guys hanging right beside her in shots!

A special song for the couple was sung by these two adventurous groomsmen. Uh...the song you ask? Well, it was "Breakfast At Tiffanies"...never got the explanation for that one! It was a fun song though and the guys did a nice job with it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jen and Dan's e-session

OK, so I told Jen and Dan at this e-session that I wanted to put the pictures up on my blog for them first. Dan commented something about it was a place for me to reveal all of the things he said while we were taking these pictures. Truth is, I won't do that...this time! Seriously though, I think Jen and Dan ended up having a good time taking these shots.

Now, if only I can find that stupid bench that was sitting right by the woods in an empty lot... never did find it after I just drove by it scouting out the area in Edgeworth and Sewickley where we took these pictures about forty minutes or so before I met this lovely couple to take the pictures. Do I have that short of a short-term memory? Yes, I guess so. I will find it again. We may go on an impromptu shoot to get some fall colors in a few pictures soon. Maybe then I can find it. ;-) You two are such good sports to ride around with me looking for it.

Dan spotted the very cool painted sea scene in some of these shots. I am looking forward to your wedding next May. I am sure it will be an amazing day!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jessica's Senior Pictures

Two senior shoots in one week...whew! I really do enjoy these sessions. Not only do I get to meet these great seniors, but I also meet parents and grandparents. Jessica has a super sweet grandmother and it was nice to get a shot of them together as well. That one might be available soon.

I had fun on this one...Jess did a one handed hand stand. Yep. Cool pic too. Once again, many fun shots to choose from very soon! I have a quick sneak peek ready for now and will post a video as soon I select the images to put in it! Thanks for a fun photo session, Jess. Have an amazing senior year!

Here is a video of a few of the pictures...

And a few of the pictures...

So Jessica was wearing the white shirt and I had to do this one...kind of ethereal...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Katie's Senior Pictures

OK...So I got home tonight from my senior picture session with Katie and her parents and I just had to share these two quick ones. By the way, thanks for driving us around Lysle! I have narrowed them down a little...very little during my first pass through the images! I know I will narrow them down more, but Katie is just so photogenic! Tough choices...

Here a couple quick previews.

A video of some of the pictures...

Thanks for a fun photo session!

Brandi and Tom's Wedding 8-31-08

So I had many pictures from this one to share...what a fun day! I was the second shooter for this wedding and had a blast! I loved seeing and catching up with so many of of this couple's classmates. Check our Pam's blog for some of the pictures she has processed as a sneak peak and any others she adds. I really enjoy working with Pam and can't believe it has been over a year already since we started shooting weddings together and hiring one another whenever possible.

These two videos give you an overview of Brandi and Tom's wedding day from beginning to end.

Brandi and Tom...I loved, loved, LOVED your wedding! I am so very happy for you both and I hope that you are having an amazing time in Aruba. I also hope that this beautiful honeymoon is only the amazing beginning to your wonderful new life together!

The Preparations and the ceremony:

The Reception:

Flowers: Karie at Heritage Floral Shoppe
Cake: Carol's Cakes
Venue: The Pittsburgh Airport Mariott
Guestbook/Entertainment: ShutterBooth
Entertainment: Magic Moments
Videographer: Lauren's Videos

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lauren's Senior Pictures

I had so much fun last evening going from place to place with Lauren and her mom to take these pictures! I think that they had fun too! Of course, I should mention that I need to remember to read the signs while driving. I went the wrong way on a one way street as we were going for one last shot before heading back to my house. Yep, first time in my life to ever get pulled over. Never want to do that again. Thanks to the nice officer who didn't give me a citation! Whew! After that little adventure we headed out before we totally lost the light to get the streetscape shot.

The video has a bunch of shots and a few others are below as well. Lauren, I hope you like these! Have a wonderful senior year and remember to enjoy each moment. This will be the fastest year of high school, so remember to soak it in!

One last one...this is Lauren and her mom.

Friday, August 15, 2008

My day...

Today was a day I kind of dreaded. I knew years ago when I bought my house that the one tree in the front yard was not the best looking of trees, but it was a big old maple that provided some really nice shade. Four years ago, about a year after the local electric company hacked away at the trees, the nice straight tree on the corner of the lot was lost to something called verticillium wilt. Once a maple gets it, there is no saving it. So, I was down to the one leaning tower and was unwilling to let it go. Well here I am four years later, finally giving up on it after a spring visit from the electric company again. No wilt this time, just a total butchering of the front of the tree. Every storm we've has since then has been a worry about the tree.

So today, I had Bob and his crew of The Busy B's from Darlington, PA take it down. I spent most of today outside while it was going on and while my brother collected the wood for his wood burner this winter. Below are a few pictures of the before and after. No, I did not take pictures during the removal since I was just really bummed to lose that tree.

None-the-less, Bob and his crew did a great job and I highly recommend their service should you ever need a tree pruned or removed. Call them at 724-827-2410.

This is the before...notice the lovely look of the tree around the wires and how back heavy it was!

This is the stump before it was put through the grinder.

Bob grinding away the stump little by little...

The result...tons of sunlight on the front of the house! Note: My brother has to come back for the last of the wood piled here and he also wanted the pile of leftover stump for mulch or something. Normally all of this is taken away by the Busy B's.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lyndsay and Brandon--August 9. 2008

So many people!!! Lyndsay and Brandon had so many people in the church for the ceremony and even more at the reception. We had the opportunity to do some large group photos while at the reception and they will be placed int he galleries. In the meantime, here are a few of the pictures from this amazingly gorgeous August Saturday with weather that felt like a September day. Seriously...gorgeous!

Pam came along to second shoot this one and we also asked Brent to koin us on this one. It was our first opportunity to work with Brent and I look forward to working with him again. (Click on their names to go to their blogs with more pictures from your day!) We have many pictures of the packed dance floor! The DJ had the right mix of music to keep the crowd moving!

I wish you both the very best and look forward to sharing more of your wedding photos with you in the galleries! I will be in touch with you soon with more information.


Lyndsay got ready at her grandmother's condo right near the church. We used the big living room window for some great light!

Brent went over with the guys and got this one of our handsome groom.

Pam got this the bokeh (the blurred background)...

The ladies heading over to the church...

While Lyndsay was waiting in the bridal room, I used the light coming through the stained glass for this one.

Same window but another pose made into a black and white

I love the look on Brandon's face as he sees Lyndsay walking down the aisle.

The unity candle with their faces in the mirror...

Reception: Seven Oaks Country Club
Flowers: Cindy Kronk
Cake: Lisa Zagorski
DJ: "The Bobcat" Bob McClune