Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brandi and Tom's e-session

Brandi and Tom...high school sweethearts who found one another again and are now getting ready to head down the aisle. It is such a great story for them to share! I also had the pleasure of knowing these two back in those high school days. Brandi was one of my first students as I officially took on a full-time teaching position. She and another student, RJ, even dressed up as Santa's elves to deliver the replies that our class organized from Santa to the elementary students at one of our local buildings.

I have the opportunity to take some pictures of them for Pam as I second shoot this wedding with her. I am including a few of the still images here of their engagement session from Sunday and a little video as well.

Needless to say, I have enjoyed knowing these two over the years and I am so looking forward to helping Pam capture their wedding in pictures!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Holly and Brian's Wedding

Yesterday was Holly and Brian's wedding day and I was pleased to be able to take the pictures for them.  I once again had Pam assist me with this wedding.  It is so nice to have someone along to shoot more photos and to be able to share some of the pictures with right away! I have known Holly for some time since her family has been involved in our church for as long as I can remember.  Interestingly enough, awhile back we realized that she was also my goddaughter's and her sister's teacher in pre-school.  The girls love Holly!  She and Brian included them in their day as a junior bridesmaid and as one of the flower girls.  They were so excited to be a part of Miss Holly and Brian's day!

The church was lovely, a bit warm, but lovely and full of light around the altar.  The weather was perfect throughout the afternoon. Everyone had such a wonderful time.  Holly's brothers were part of the bridal party as well.  Andy, in particular was having an especially great time!  I always thought he was so quiet.  I guess he is in some cases, but he is also full of fun!  Holly and Brian will have lots of pictures showing that too!

I love this picture of the girls holding their dresses as they are running toward the door to take some pictures outside before the ceremony. Pam caught this moment and I think it is so sweet!



Brian and Andy before the ceremony  Andy was trying to get Brian to laugh and smile...and he was successful.  He can tell you how he managed that on his own!

The bride looking so happy.  Her uncle walked her down the aisle.  I really enjoyed him as well.  He is a funny guy!

This is another moment that Pam caught...the flower girl trying to get someone to be quiet.  It is so sweet...and so is this little girl! So what if I am a bit biased here since I have known since she was born! :-)

After the vows and ceremony, the happy couple headed back down the aisle as husband and wife!  

The wedding party at SNPJ... moments later, a cute dog, and not a little one, decided to join us.  Luckily, she was a friendly dog!


Church Flowers by: Jones creations: 724.333.5953
Bride's flowers by Roses of Wood
DJ: Eric the DJ... (He really kept them on the dance floor all evening!)
Reception: SNPJ's Alpine Room

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bre and Jeff

I had the fun opportunity to second shoot for Pam for Bre and Jeff's wedding this past Saturday.  We headed off to Indiana, PA for their big day!  The church was quite pretty with a few opportunities for some nice pictures before the ceremony began.  

In the ceremony, Bre and Jeff poured sand into a container, pictured below, with a color for each of them as individuals and a third to signify their lives as a couple.  I have attended many weddings over the years and have not seen this lovely moment in a ceremony.  I really like the idea...very sweet.

The reception was at The Coney right around the corner from the church.  The DJs did a nice job of keeping the music going and people on the dance floor...expecially the kids!  They were loving it.  Pam has a great picture of the very cute DJ on her blog of the wedding!

Some pictures are included below...I am including more pictures than I normally do on this one since I was the second shooter for the wedding and this is my only real chance to get to play with the pictures due to time issues and having so much to do!  None-the-less, I wanted to include them on this blog!

The church...beautiful blue sky day!
Getting ready...the girls putting some finishing touches on their make up...

I love this picture!  Bre with her girls as they help her by carrying her train...so sweet!

Bre and the flower girl (and daughter) in sweet moment.

Bouquet and ring...

The sand ceremony I mentioned earlier...

The first kiss as husband and wife...

Another of the ones I really like...caught in a kiss as they waited in the church foyer for their wedding party to recess from the altar.

Happiness and bubbles surround the couple!

A close up shot of the sand signifying the couple becoming one...

OK.  Jeff is a funny guy...always making faces and making Bre and us laugh...this is one of those faces!

One final shot of this sweet couple!

Bre and Jeff... I wish you a lifetime of happiness...congratulations!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Troy's Senior Pictures

I had so much fun today taking these pictures! Since there is a chance that Troy needs a few of these by Friday, I came right home and got a few ready for him.

So far I really love taking senior pictures. We traipsed through the woods, found a great big stack of bonfire wood to use, a cool broken down old brick outdoor fireplace, the church bus, and the picnic pavilion to get some shots. The very first ones we took are tough to use ... not as tough as it was on Troy to try not to squint. It was a super sunny day today without a cloud in the sky in the early afternoon when we were taking these. Yes, that's right... we do get some sunshine in the Pittsburgh region!

Troy, thanks for being such a good sport through all of this. I hope you had some fun today. I surely did. Also, I want to thank your mom for being so helpful with my light reflector kit and holding my lens and for being so helpful in general!