Sunday, April 6, 2008

Troy's Senior Pictures

I had so much fun today taking these pictures! Since there is a chance that Troy needs a few of these by Friday, I came right home and got a few ready for him.

So far I really love taking senior pictures. We traipsed through the woods, found a great big stack of bonfire wood to use, a cool broken down old brick outdoor fireplace, the church bus, and the picnic pavilion to get some shots. The very first ones we took are tough to use ... not as tough as it was on Troy to try not to squint. It was a super sunny day today without a cloud in the sky in the early afternoon when we were taking these. Yes, that's right... we do get some sunshine in the Pittsburgh region!

Troy, thanks for being such a good sport through all of this. I hope you had some fun today. I surely did. Also, I want to thank your mom for being so helpful with my light reflector kit and holding my lens and for being so helpful in general!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots, Beth. I am sure Troy is going to love them!