Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lauren's Senior Pictures

I had so much fun last evening going from place to place with Lauren and her mom to take these pictures! I think that they had fun too! Of course, I should mention that I need to remember to read the signs while driving. I went the wrong way on a one way street as we were going for one last shot before heading back to my house. Yep, first time in my life to ever get pulled over. Never want to do that again. Thanks to the nice officer who didn't give me a citation! Whew! After that little adventure we headed out before we totally lost the light to get the streetscape shot.

The video has a bunch of shots and a few others are below as well. Lauren, I hope you like these! Have a wonderful senior year and remember to enjoy each moment. This will be the fastest year of high school, so remember to soak it in!

One last one...this is Lauren and her mom.

Friday, August 15, 2008

My day...

Today was a day I kind of dreaded. I knew years ago when I bought my house that the one tree in the front yard was not the best looking of trees, but it was a big old maple that provided some really nice shade. Four years ago, about a year after the local electric company hacked away at the trees, the nice straight tree on the corner of the lot was lost to something called verticillium wilt. Once a maple gets it, there is no saving it. So, I was down to the one leaning tower and was unwilling to let it go. Well here I am four years later, finally giving up on it after a spring visit from the electric company again. No wilt this time, just a total butchering of the front of the tree. Every storm we've has since then has been a worry about the tree.

So today, I had Bob and his crew of The Busy B's from Darlington, PA take it down. I spent most of today outside while it was going on and while my brother collected the wood for his wood burner this winter. Below are a few pictures of the before and after. No, I did not take pictures during the removal since I was just really bummed to lose that tree.

None-the-less, Bob and his crew did a great job and I highly recommend their service should you ever need a tree pruned or removed. Call them at 724-827-2410.

This is the before...notice the lovely look of the tree around the wires and how back heavy it was!

This is the stump before it was put through the grinder.

Bob grinding away the stump little by little...

The result...tons of sunlight on the front of the house! Note: My brother has to come back for the last of the wood piled here and he also wanted the pile of leftover stump for mulch or something. Normally all of this is taken away by the Busy B's.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lyndsay and Brandon--August 9. 2008

So many people!!! Lyndsay and Brandon had so many people in the church for the ceremony and even more at the reception. We had the opportunity to do some large group photos while at the reception and they will be placed int he galleries. In the meantime, here are a few of the pictures from this amazingly gorgeous August Saturday with weather that felt like a September day. Seriously...gorgeous!

Pam came along to second shoot this one and we also asked Brent to koin us on this one. It was our first opportunity to work with Brent and I look forward to working with him again. (Click on their names to go to their blogs with more pictures from your day!) We have many pictures of the packed dance floor! The DJ had the right mix of music to keep the crowd moving!

I wish you both the very best and look forward to sharing more of your wedding photos with you in the galleries! I will be in touch with you soon with more information.


Lyndsay got ready at her grandmother's condo right near the church. We used the big living room window for some great light!

Brent went over with the guys and got this one of our handsome groom.

Pam got this the bokeh (the blurred background)...

The ladies heading over to the church...

While Lyndsay was waiting in the bridal room, I used the light coming through the stained glass for this one.

Same window but another pose made into a black and white

I love the look on Brandon's face as he sees Lyndsay walking down the aisle.

The unity candle with their faces in the mirror...

Reception: Seven Oaks Country Club
Flowers: Cindy Kronk
Cake: Lisa Zagorski
DJ: "The Bobcat" Bob McClune

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nick and Elana--e-session

Nick and Elana met us in Oakland, at the Cathedral. Pam is shooting this wedding and asked me if I would like to go along on the e-session and to second shoot the wedding. After a short delay due to a traffic jam at the Oakland exit which Pam and I got stuck in as well as Nick and Elana, we got started right at the cathedral. We were excited to see Elana in that awesome orange dress! Great color and a great couple. They didn't take much coaching on what to do during this e-session...such naturals! :-) Here are a few of the pictures I snapped during our time at Pitt that Thursday evening.