Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lauren's Senior Pictures

I had so much fun last evening going from place to place with Lauren and her mom to take these pictures! I think that they had fun too! Of course, I should mention that I need to remember to read the signs while driving. I went the wrong way on a one way street as we were going for one last shot before heading back to my house. Yep, first time in my life to ever get pulled over. Never want to do that again. Thanks to the nice officer who didn't give me a citation! Whew! After that little adventure we headed out before we totally lost the light to get the streetscape shot.

The video has a bunch of shots and a few others are below as well. Lauren, I hope you like these! Have a wonderful senior year and remember to enjoy each moment. This will be the fastest year of high school, so remember to soak it in!

One last one...this is Lauren and her mom.

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