Monday, March 2, 2009

Joel and Amy's Wedding 2-22-09

Oh...Amy and Joel...what can I say? I loved your wedding! The ceremony was lovely and then to end the night with all of that live amazing! I loved the big jam session that all of the musicians in attendance did. Oh, and, Joel, your dad on cool!

Amy, when I show these pictures to people, they say things like, "such classic beauty" and the like. I think that describes your look! You two are so sweet and so easy to work with on posing. You really are such naturals. I guess that is because you just know...such the couple. I couldn't imagine the two of you any other way. Soul mates.. a concept I am starting to really believe in and I am so happy that you were blessed to find one another. By the way, if anyone out there wants to hear a great getting together story...these two have it! It's not mine to share, but it is so funny and sweet and even a little amazing.

I know that you two are off to London this week for a second ceremony with more of Joel's family and your London friends. Now that will be an amazing trip home; however, I have to say that you guys will have fun trying to top this reception. Then again, I am partial to live bands. :)

I am looking forward to seeing Joel and his new Mrs. at The Boulevard of the Allies show that is being held at the Cabaret Theater on April 3rd! I, of course, will have my camera in hand and may even blog about about the concert. I am looking forward to hearing about your London wedding and seeing some pictures from it as well that evening!

For now, here is a little video preview of a few of the pictures. Thanks goes out to Pam for helping photograph this day too! Click on her name to see more pics on her blog! As always, Pam is so great photograph a wedding with!

Have a safe trip to London! Enjoy this second celebration as well!