Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Liz and Erich e-session video

I love Pittsburgh. Sorry if anyone disagrees, but the city is so cool! I spent part of Sunday with Pam shooting some engagement photos of Liz and Erich in Oakland and had so much fun. We found so many cool places to take pictures of the couple. Their wedding later this year is at St. Paul's right down the block form the Cathedral of Learning and I am excited to be able to shoot another wedding there.

I have to say this here too, I am so glad that we made it home safely! I didn't realize that my front tire was splitting. It could easily have blown out on our way there or home. Scary thought, but true. Lesson learned...a quick visual check of the car is a good idea. None-the-less, we made it there and back safely.

I enjoyed working with Liz and Erich and look forward to their wedding!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

David and Tara's Wedding

If you've checked out my main website, you will see in the information section about my business logo and the fact that Dave designed mine for me.  I was so happy to be able to take the pictures of Dave and Tara's day!  Another thing that made it fun was that, not only did Pam help out, but Shawn did as well.  I really enjoyed working with both of them.

Saturday, May 17th started off kind of as a gloomy day.  The wedding ceremony and reception were all outside at Suncrest Camp.  Just in time for the ceremony, the sun came out.  It stayed out for about an hour after the ceremony as well for us to get some really fun shots of the bridal party.  As we were trying to wrap up, the thunder was rumbling but we managed to get back under the pavilion before the rain started down..and sideways.  Everyone started to eat. In a little while, once again the sun came out just before sunset.  We managed to get some sweet shots of that with the couple.  

Each of the bridesmaids wore a different color dress.  The colors are all found in the peacock feather.  The peacock feathers were also included on the tables, and of course in the girls' flowers.  The one shot below, I asked Tara to be in front of the girls and have them fan out behind her...like a peacock's tail.  Tara was willing to have the picture taken even though the grass was wet.  By the night's end there was mud on it anyway thanks to the previously mentioned storm...mud was around!

Enough talk...now to the pictures.

Sparky even was dressed for the occasion and walked down the aisle.

This is the second wedding now that I've seen the sand being combined rather than a unity candle.  It's really a sweet idea and it is something that is easily added as a house decoration.  

The backlighting here was rough, but I still love this moment when he literally picked her up and kissed her for their first kiss as a married couple.  Awww.....

This is the one mentioned earlier...the sky was getting darker and darker behind them with the approaching storm.

Tara and the girls noticed the stacked buildings here and we decided to take advantage of it.  

When we walked across the field to get the pictures, we picked a spot that had some shade since the sun was so bright. While we were there, Shawn set this fun one up...check out that dark sky behind them.  Talk about a change in lighting!

After dinner was the cake cutting...and smashing!  The sun came back out so we used the time to get the bouquet toss and garter toss as well as a few sunset shots.

Yea...you could say he was a little surprised.  He is still holding her piece of cake in this shot.  I have a few where he got her back a bit too. :-)

This one is thanks to the bridal party having some fun...and it's something that the couple hopes for a bit later!

Pam wanted to get the couple by the puddle.  I hurriedly called them back down before we completely lost the sunset and the three of us started snapping away. Nice...