Monday, September 29, 2008

Jessica and Derek's Wedding

Jess and Derek...what can I say?!?!? I knew when I met them a few months ago to do their engagement pictures that this was going to be a wedding with a few surprising twists...and I hadn't even met Derek's fun and adventurous groomsmen yet! I have to say that I think the whole bridal party knows how to have so much fun!

As a bonus to all of the craziness and fun, Jess and Derek allowed time for Pam and me to get these very cool and fun shots. (Click on Pam's name in that last sentence to take you to her blog for some more pictures!) Thanks for going along, Pam! As always, it is great to work with you. :-)

On a side note...I can not get these images any larger on this site. I am in the process of checking out another that does allow me to make the images larger without having to click on they deserve to be!

Anyway, two shots in particular that Jess wanted and one that Derek wanted are in the following video. Some of the pictures are pulled out below the video with some further explanation.

Thank you Jess and Derek for the opportunity to spend such a special day with you both!

Jessica was getting the back of her dressed laced up when I took this one...

The bubble send off with the wedding party behind sweet!

Getting ready to take some fun group shots and some of just the bride and groom.

These two were high school sweethearts, so why not use the steps of their alma mater?

Jess wanted this one in particular. She called it a "Marilyn Monroe" shot since there is one of the movie star in a similar pose. I call it the "Heather" shot since she is the one who had one similar to it on her blog. She is another local photographer and is absolutely amazing! I really do love this one.

OK...this is not one I would normally put on my blog, but this was a special request of the groom and groomsmen. Besides, Pam dared me to put it on here. ;-)

This is the other special request from Jessica. There are several more of this in the video with each of the guys hanging right beside her in shots!

A special song for the couple was sung by these two adventurous groomsmen. Uh...the song you ask? Well, it was "Breakfast At Tiffanies"...never got the explanation for that one! It was a fun song though and the guys did a nice job with it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jen and Dan's e-session

OK, so I told Jen and Dan at this e-session that I wanted to put the pictures up on my blog for them first. Dan commented something about it was a place for me to reveal all of the things he said while we were taking these pictures. Truth is, I won't do that...this time! Seriously though, I think Jen and Dan ended up having a good time taking these shots.

Now, if only I can find that stupid bench that was sitting right by the woods in an empty lot... never did find it after I just drove by it scouting out the area in Edgeworth and Sewickley where we took these pictures about forty minutes or so before I met this lovely couple to take the pictures. Do I have that short of a short-term memory? Yes, I guess so. I will find it again. We may go on an impromptu shoot to get some fall colors in a few pictures soon. Maybe then I can find it. ;-) You two are such good sports to ride around with me looking for it.

Dan spotted the very cool painted sea scene in some of these shots. I am looking forward to your wedding next May. I am sure it will be an amazing day!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jessica's Senior Pictures

Two senior shoots in one week...whew! I really do enjoy these sessions. Not only do I get to meet these great seniors, but I also meet parents and grandparents. Jessica has a super sweet grandmother and it was nice to get a shot of them together as well. That one might be available soon.

I had fun on this one...Jess did a one handed hand stand. Yep. Cool pic too. Once again, many fun shots to choose from very soon! I have a quick sneak peek ready for now and will post a video as soon I select the images to put in it! Thanks for a fun photo session, Jess. Have an amazing senior year!

Here is a video of a few of the pictures...

And a few of the pictures...

So Jessica was wearing the white shirt and I had to do this one...kind of ethereal...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Katie's Senior Pictures

OK...So I got home tonight from my senior picture session with Katie and her parents and I just had to share these two quick ones. By the way, thanks for driving us around Lysle! I have narrowed them down a little...very little during my first pass through the images! I know I will narrow them down more, but Katie is just so photogenic! Tough choices...

Here a couple quick previews.

A video of some of the pictures...

Thanks for a fun photo session!

Brandi and Tom's Wedding 8-31-08

So I had many pictures from this one to share...what a fun day! I was the second shooter for this wedding and had a blast! I loved seeing and catching up with so many of of this couple's classmates. Check our Pam's blog for some of the pictures she has processed as a sneak peak and any others she adds. I really enjoy working with Pam and can't believe it has been over a year already since we started shooting weddings together and hiring one another whenever possible.

These two videos give you an overview of Brandi and Tom's wedding day from beginning to end.

Brandi and Tom...I loved, loved, LOVED your wedding! I am so very happy for you both and I hope that you are having an amazing time in Aruba. I also hope that this beautiful honeymoon is only the amazing beginning to your wonderful new life together!

The Preparations and the ceremony:

The Reception:

Flowers: Karie at Heritage Floral Shoppe
Cake: Carol's Cakes
Venue: The Pittsburgh Airport Mariott
Guestbook/Entertainment: ShutterBooth
Entertainment: Magic Moments
Videographer: Lauren's Videos