Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jen and Dan's e-session

OK, so I told Jen and Dan at this e-session that I wanted to put the pictures up on my blog for them first. Dan commented something about it was a place for me to reveal all of the things he said while we were taking these pictures. Truth is, I won't do that...this time! Seriously though, I think Jen and Dan ended up having a good time taking these shots.

Now, if only I can find that stupid bench that was sitting right by the woods in an empty lot... never did find it after I just drove by it scouting out the area in Edgeworth and Sewickley where we took these pictures about forty minutes or so before I met this lovely couple to take the pictures. Do I have that short of a short-term memory? Yes, I guess so. I will find it again. We may go on an impromptu shoot to get some fall colors in a few pictures soon. Maybe then I can find it. ;-) You two are such good sports to ride around with me looking for it.

Dan spotted the very cool painted sea scene in some of these shots. I am looking forward to your wedding next May. I am sure it will be an amazing day!

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Anonymous said...

How sweet, Jenny you look so beautiful, the both of you look so happy...This site is a great way to keep friends in touch before the big day!!