Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kristen and David--10/11/08

I was the second shooter for Saturday's wedding. One again, I was working with Pam (click on her name to go to her blog).Kristen and David were so much fun to work with...they like pictures and were willing to get some really creative shots.

My new plan for second shooting is to basically put together a video using animoto.com for the couple. Some of these pictures may not make Pam's final cut for the gallery, but they are good for the video! I had such a great time capturing these moments from your day! I hope you enjoy it.

Congratulations, Kristen and David!

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Kristen said...

Beth, Your pictures were amazing!! I can't wait to see both the pictures from you and Pam. We had a great time at the wedding and just loved yours and Pam's creativity.