Sunday, October 5, 2008

Julie and Bill's Wedding 10/4/08

Another fun day! Bill and Julie are just so comfortable and happy with one another...and their families are quite fun too. Snapping pictures and posing for us and just enjoying in general was the way of the day! The couple's e-session is in the July 2008 blog section where I shared a little more about them. They are a great couple!

Shawn Rodger's came along to help with this one and it was great to work with him again. He photographed Dave and Tara's wedding with me this past May. He really is fun to work with and he has a great way with people with lots of creative photo ideas. Check out his work by clicking this link or this one.

Thank you, Bill and Julie, for a great day!

Here is a little video with some of the pictures form the slide show shown at the reception plus a bunch more... so many to choose from for this!

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