Friday, November 7, 2008

Amy and Joel-- e-session

Amy and Joel met me last Thursday to take some engagement pictures. Anyone who checks my blog might realize that this is quite a lull in between taking the pictures and getting the video on the blog. Unfortunately, I have had a very nasty cold that has zapped my energy! I seriously haven't had a cold like this one...ever! None-the-less, I am starting to feel a little better and got this session ready for the blog! Thanks for your patience, Amy and Joel!

Joel is a very talented musician who happens to be located in Pittsburgh by way of London! Amy sent me a few of his songs so I could use one for their video and maybe for a few seniors. Check out more about Joel and his music at his website-- His lovely fiancé happens to be someone I am pleased to say that I have known for some time. I am so happy for both of you!

I hope you two like this little video. I will be sending you info on your gallery links very soon! I am looking forward to your February wedding, and I am also looking forward to seeing you both very soon at one of Joel's shows.

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