Thursday, July 30, 2009

Danielle and Seth--e-session

It was a beautiful evening to head down to the North Shore in Pittsburgh to meet Danielle and Seth for their e-session. Danielle mentioned wanting to get pictures by Heinz Field and I immediately started thinking about all of the other fun places around the stadium that would be great for pictures. Also, by the river with city as a background...Wow! I was excited to get down there again and play! I had so much fun and could have taken more pictures than I did. I had to stop though...we were running out of light. :) Thanks to you both, Danielle and Seth, for spending the evening with me for the session! I hope you had fun...I know I did!

I am so happy for you both and I look forward to these two Steelers fans' wedding in October! Enjoy the last few months of preparation. Since it will be here before we know it, I will see you both very soon!

Note: The link at the end of the video will not be active until next week. Once I get all of the pictures uploaded to the gallery, I will open it up and anyone can see it... if Danielle and Seth share the password with you. ;-)

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