Thursday, July 2, 2009

Carly and Mike's e-session

Carly and Mike met me at the gazebo in Ellwood City's Ewing Park area. We took a few quick pictures there and then headed on to the nature trail. We also got to take some pictures with the firetrucks since Mike is a volunteer firefighter. Very cool!

These two are just nice, nice people. I really enjoyed talking with them about how they met and about their wedding plans. I have to say that I love how relaxed they are with everything. I really think these two will enjoy the whole process involved in planning and just getting to their wedding day! Enjoy it you two! It goes so fast!

Below is a little video with some of the images. I will be playing with them beginning next week and upload the final versions during the week of July 5th. For now, I hope you, Carly and Mike, enjoy this! I am really looking forward to taking your wedding pictures next spring!

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