Friday, August 7, 2009

Jason and Melissa

Jason and Melissa were married on July 31, week ago today! What a fun day it was! We had a little rain...but only a little and not when it really made a difference. Melissa also found a really pretty place to take some photos after the ceremony. We headed up to Patterson Heights and got some pretty great pictures.

The couple included a really symbolic sand combination ceremony as part of the service. The pastor did a really nice job explaining that no matter how much someone would try, it is about impossible to separate the pieces of sand that were two different colors from one another. As the sand, in essence, becomes one, so does the couple with the vows they stated. Very sweet!

Below is a little video of some of the pictures from the day. The link at the end takes you to the galleries. All galleries will be open in a few weeks, so keep checking back. If you need the password, please feel free to email me or Jason and Melissa!

Congratulations, Jason and Melissa! Best wishes on your new life together!

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