Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jessica and Derek--e-session

Although they have been together for some time, September 27th is the day for Jessica and Derek to begin their marriage. Can I just tell you how much fun these two are? We took these engagement photos in Ellwood City and the majority were taken along this path that leads to the water. Hmmmm...Water with huge boulders that we climbed all over that Jessica and Derek were willing to do barefoot as well! Pam (click on her name for a link to her blog with more photos from the session), who will also be taking photos for me at the wedding, was full of ideas once again. I think we ended up with some keepers! Below are a few of my favorites with a video of more images as well.

Jessica and Derek, you are such a great couple! Derek, I know you didn't like the idea of these shots, but I hope that now that it is over and that you can see them, you can say that it was worth it! I think you said it wasn't bad at all by the time we left our photo session. I am really looking forward to capturing the photos of your day for you!

I just love the way that you two look at one another in many of these pictures.

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