Sunday, September 30, 2007

Amy and Brian's Wedding 9-22-07

Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy taking pictures at weddings? Yes, it is a lot of running around and yet trying to stay out of the way, but wedding days are so special and I love to do my part to have pictures to help the memories last forever!

Amy and Brian's wedding was beautiful. The church had great stained glass windows and the altar area was just so pretty. The only problem was that there was no air conditioning! For September, it was HOT...mid to upper 80s...go figure! That being said, Brian and Amy, as well as their wedding party, were great to work with for the photos...just a fun group of people to be around, you know? Even though it was quite warm, we managed to get the family photos taken! My personal favorite of the wedding party pictures is the one I've attached to this blog.

The, fun, all! So many smiling faces...and a few familiar ones for me. Lindsay, one of the bridesmaids was in a wedding I photographed last year and a cousin of the bride and his wife were in attendance and are actually a friends of mine. I always say at weddings that we do live in a small world!

This was the first wedding that I set up a slide show of some of the pictures I had taken up to the reception. I am wondering what those of you who saw it felt about it playing while people waited for their drinks. If possible, let me know via a comment to this blog or by clicking the contact me link on my SmugMug page if you liked, disliked, or were indifferent to the pictures showing during the reception!

Hey, I hope everyone got to check out that huge collection of cookies! Throughout the reception, Amy and Brian and their friends and family were all smiles. What a great couple! I so thoroughly enjoyed photographing your wedding day!

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Amy Bradford said...

You did an amazing job with my wedding pictures. I was so amazed at how well they came out! I have so many wonderful pictures to share with my friends and family. Thank you for being so kind and understanding. I know it was HOT HOT HOT on my wedding day and I thank you again for being patient with everyone during our special day. You were absolutly wonderful to work with and I would recommend you to ANYONE looking for a photographer! Although I didn't get a chance to see the slideshow at the bar, MANY of my friends and family did and was absolutly blown away with how fast they were up. Still to this day, I have people commenting on my wedding and one thing that sticks out is that slideshow at the bar! I would recommend you doing it at other weddings (if possible) because my family and friends sure did love it! Thank you again! (The Bride)