Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jes & Jamie-- May 29,2010

Jes and Jamie were married on Saturday in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Shadow Lakes Country Club in Aliquippa,PA. The ceremony began around 7:00 with the sun nestled in the trees on its way to setting. It was a little warn out there, so everyone moved inside right after the ceremony to enjoy the newly renovated building. Everything was beautifully decorated and Jamie and Jes were just so happy. Truly, a gorgeous day! Jes and Jamie, I wish you much happiness and even more love for one another than you felt during those vows. Is that even possible? You two are perfect for each other and I loved having the opportunity to try to catch in pictures just a few of those moments and looks which were full of love for one another. Congratulations!


Donia~Fox Photography said...

Beth, these were absolutely fabulous! What an amazing setting! Great work as always!

Beth said...

Thanks, Donia!