Sunday, November 1, 2009

Danielle and Seth 10.24.09

I love weddings. It's true. Danielle and Seth had a great day! Another wedding with so many great people. Danielle and Seth had many great moments through the day. One of my favorite moments caught with the camera was when Seth flicked a bit of icing and it got Danielle...before they even cut the cake. Check it out in the video below. Seriously, check out Seth's face! Also, this was a wedding that had a great garter moment . The maid of honor, the bride's twin and the one who caught the bouquet, was in place. The gentleman who caught the bouquet took it to heart that the higher up the leg he went with the garter, the more years of luck the new couple would have. You just have to see the pictures with Danielle and Seth watching it. It's in the video toward the end.

Danielle and Seth, I wish you both only the best as you begin your life as husband and wife. Congratulations and best wishes!!!

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