Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Lens with a Family Photo Session

OK...last night, I got to use my new lens taking some pictures of some of my favorite people in the world...members of Leslie's family. I love them all and I loved the opportunity to test out this 85mm lens on some portrait shots of the families and the other group shots we did. I will revise this to include a photo here, but I want to ask them first if I can use one of them.

The grandchildren were all ready for some big smiles for the camera as well. When we finished with the photos, the older group of cousins, none of which are from this area, headed to the Starbucks in Target located in Monaca but ended up following the GPS down the ever scary (especially on a dark night like we had) Freedom-Crider Road to end up in Cranberry! Everyone got home safely after the adventure. Like I told Betsy, I just wanted a Chai Latte anyway! :-) This will be one of those stories that is revisited...often!

About the pictures, the overcast sky worked to our advantage and the mums around the back patio added some nice background color for the pictures. I had fun and I think the family did too! I hope they all enjoy the photos!

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